Customized WAMP page

Wamp Server

I have made a customization to the original wamp server index.php page. This changes can be helpfull if you manage too many projects on your local server, and instead get lost in an projects list, this modified index.php file will display an eyecatching grid with a picture of the project, which will be more easily to identify projects.

To use this grid layout just download the attached files and uncompress on your c:/wamp/www directory.
Note that this will override your original index.php so your are advised to make a file backup first.

Now to show your images for each project, you just need to place a *.jpg or *.png image of your project inside its folder and with the same name as the project/folder, for example:

  • c:/wamp/www/project1/project1.jpg
  • c:/wamp/www/project2/project2.png

and if no image detected it will display a generic "noimage" image :P
no image available
Hope you like this changes and feel free to post your comments and thoughts

Thank you

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