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Do you think that you are not productive?? Have the idea that spend too much time on your projects. Did you loose those clients credentials and now are worried to ask the client send it back again?? If you have ever thinking some of this questions or if you are interested on manage your projects and time, you should still reading..

Few days ago, on a client request i needed to search for a project management extension. So i went to the JED to look for an appropiate tool.

There i found this extension:

After read its description i get interested on it and downloaded it to give it a try. Once installed on a local test site, I soon realize that it is a simple but powerfull tool to manage the clients, projects and time you spent on each one.

Everything was with the free version, but after visit the author website, i found that there is a pro version who lets you expand it with more tools like an invoice system, a calendar agenda, correspondence management, frontend access, custom templates, pdf and maybe more.

Not mention that it has a very good documentation, where you can learn how to use this component in a short time period.

Definitely a very good component for those who need to track its time and manage clients.

I had translated into spanish for those who may need it. Install it from the Joomla extension manager.

Find latest Tracktime language pack here

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